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About Us

Yappun.com provide "safe and worry-free", "special and rare", and "Tasty" products import from Japan through online market.

In order to know more about Japanese culture, not only provide description of the products, but dig deeply into the history, recipe, story behind it and deliver to your door.


Yappun logo

Yappun derives from a word and its pronunciation of 'Japan' (日本 Yat6 Bun2) in Cantonese.  Hong Kong as our home ground, our goal is to enjoy people of Hong Kong with Japanese high quality product as well as its story behind it.

Yappun is managed by Connecting Point Limited.
Connecting Point Limited is a importer and distributor specialised in Japanese food related products.


Our mission

The world is made of stories. Yappun imports from Japan.

We listen, collect, share the wonderful stories of product by farmers, fishermen, manufacturer etc. and deliver to you.

Shed light on hand-crafted, rare, small production items.

Large quantity, popular and similar Japanese product have widely available in Hong Kong market. We want to make a different approach.

Sustainable, earth-friendly business

Our one and only home ‘Earth’ are in crisis. We are part of it and need to act now to pass beautiful world to next generations.

Technologies with happiness oriented operation

We love new technologies which make us happy. We never stop challenging for the smile of customers.

Japan to Your Doorstep, Only What You Need.

Your small patience make huge impact and difference.  We change the way things around better to minimise stock time.


Our Contact

Email: hello@yappun.com
WhatsApp: +852 9172 9849