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Uniqueness of Okinawan Tofu

Okinawa Island Tofu is supporting Longevity life style of Okinawa people as a source of good quality protein.

Okinawa Island Tofu (Shima-Tofu)

There are variety of Tofu in Japan. It can be roughly divided into two types: Kinu-goshi (means silk-filtered) and Momen(cotton). This Island Tofu is belongs to Momen(cotton), but its production method makes it unique and different among others. Below is some difference.
  • Conventional method is boiling soy bean milk before it squeeze, but Island Tofu squeeze the soy bean milk first and boil. (Benefits: nutrient-rich, filtering out impurities easy)
  • Little bit of salty taste than the conventional one
  • Intense taste of soy bean than conventional one
  • firmer than Kinu-goshi, close to Momen
There are differences in nutritional value because of different production method. Especially, Island Tofu contains 3-times or more vitamin E (well known as rejuvenation vitamin) than conventional one and almost double Vitamin B group (necessary to restore from fatigue and body cells).

Goya Chanpuru (bitter melon stir-fly)

Island Tofu can stir-fly because of its firmness with other ingredients like bitter melon, pork and bean sprouts. This dish is called 'Goya Chanpuru' (bitter melon stir-fly).

Sukugarasu Tofu (salted rabbit fish tofu)

Island Tofu topping with salted young rabbit fish is good company for local distilled spirits called Awamori. This dish is called "Sukugarasu Tofu"(salted rabbit fish tofu).

Variety of Okinawa Tofu

 Yushi Tofu (Half-curded Tofu)

Yushi-Tofu is simply soy milk with bittern added before hardening. Since it is not hardened, you can enjoy its fluffy texture.

Since it easily falls apart, it is eaten in soups rather than stir-fried. It can be added to Okinawa soba noodles to make "yushi-tofu soba" or to miso soup and other soups.

 Jimami Tofu (Peanut Tofu)

Jimami Tofu is tofu made from peanuts. You can enjoy its sticky texture and the savory taste of peanuts.

It is usually served with dashi (Japanese soup stock), but it is also recommended to eat it as a dessert with sweet soy sauce or molasses.

 Tofu-Yo (Okinawa fermented tofu)

"Tofu Yo" is fermented tofu. It tastes like cheese and is eaten as is as a side dish with alcohol. It is also used as a seasoning in stir-fries.

A long time ago, Chinese fermented bean curd (腐乳) came to Okinawa and became its own foodstuff. They are similar in taste, but " Tofu Yo" uses Awamori (Okinawa rice wine) when making it. 

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