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Okinawa Island Tofu

Okinawa Island Tofu

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No longer satisfied with ordinary tofu

"Island tofu" is a type of tofu native to Okinawa. Unlike normal tofu, the soy beans are separated before heating (soy milk / okara), which gives it a strong and delicious flavour. Hiroshiya's "Island Tofu" is one of the few tofu products that correctly adheres to this traditional method.


Features & Benefits

  1. The unique aroma and flavour of the "fresh-squeezed, iron pot method".
  2. Nutrients are concentrated due to low water content
  3. It is also good for weight loss as it is filling
  4. Additive-free tofu made using only salt and bittern.

Hiroshiya's "Island Tofu" is made by heating raw soy milk in an iron pan. This process brings out the flavour and natural taste of the soya bean.It is low in calories and high in nutritional value, making it suitable for dieters (1.3 times higher in protein than conventional tofu and rich in isoflavones).It is of course additive-free, using only salt and bittern.


Recommended consumption

Island Tofu has a lower water content and is firmer than regular tofu, so it does not fall apart easily when heated, allowing you to enjoy its firm texture and rich flavour.


Goya Chanpuru (沖繩苦瓜豆腐炒蛋)

In Okinawa, "Goya Chanpuru" is often made by stir-frying "Island Tofu", pork (or luncheon meat), bitter melon, and eggs in soup stock and soy sauce. The key is to break up the tofu by hand. This way, the seasonings are well distributed.

Arranged chilled tofu (冷奴)

A popular way to eat tofu, "chilled tofu" (cold tofu topped with scallions and ginger) is arranged with "Island Tofu". By using olive oil and salt instead of soy sauce, the sweetness of the soybeans is more pronounced.

*Left image: normal is chilled tofu (topped with leek, ginger, dried bonito flakes and soy sauce).
*Right image ... topped with olive oil, salt (in this case salted kelp) and bonito flakes


Ingredients: Soybeans (Non-GMO, USA), bittern, Salt
Net Contents: 250g / 500g / 1kg
Good for: 15 days from the production date on the package
Storage: 10°C or below is recommended.
Manufactured by:Hiroshiya Foods


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Okinawa Island Tofu

Okinawa Island Tofu