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Okinawa noodle

Okinawa Soba
- Harmony of fish and pork. Healthy clear soup with chewy noodle. Okinawa's No.1 Soul Food. -

Okinawa Soba's was originally came from China around 500 years ago.  It has achieved its own evolution.  It's so popular in Okinawa, 150,000〜160,000 bowls consume everyday by Okinawa people.  Dashi (broth) from bonito flakes and pork are the popular soup base.  Usually noodle is made of flour with flat, curly shape.

Variations of Okinawa soba

Soki (spare rib) Soba

Pork Belly Soba

Asa (sea weed) Soba

Yushi (Half-curded) Tofu Soba


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