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Welcome to Yappun.com

Yappun.com provide "safe and worry-free", "special and rare", and "Tasty" products import from Japan through online market.

In order to know more about Japanese culture, not only provide description of the products, but dig deeply into the history, recipe, story behind it and deliver to your door.

We keep challenging to dig up unique products from Japan

Even though there are lots of wonderful products developed by culture, history and traditions of Japan, some products have difficulties to import due to the various reasons like production volume, short expiry period, logistic problems and so forth.

In order to enjoy our consumers, Yappun keeps challenging to overcome those problems by connecting original routes and unique approaches.


More details ⇒ Our Objectives(Yappun's Mission)

Customer experience like luxury hotels and michelin-star restaurants

Yappun.com is managed by Connecting Point Limited (represented by Koya Kameshima). Koya Kameshima has been working as event planning with luxury hotels and Michelin-star restaurants. Please enjoy our high quality products and services based on our experiences.

Both environment and health friendly food

Yappun's mission to deliver worry-free products every day, we deal with many additive-free, preservative-free products.

One of our goal is environmentally friendly operation. We use biodegradable or recyclable packing materials. We also try to improve delivery process to make wastage-zero operation with customer's understanding.

Local Specialty of Japan

Yappun hold the special event periodically on featuring local specialty of Japan.

First, we open online pop-up store called "Okinawa Longevity Store" with collaboration of Okinawa Company.

Okinawa Tasty Rice Companion Set

Okinawa Pork, Furikake sprinkles, Mozuku Seaweed Soup, Ishigaki Island Chili Oil. We selected from products with giving the everyday meal fun and more variety.


Okinawa Super Condiments Set

Koregusu(Isalnd chili pepper in Awamori sauce), Isigaki Island Chili Oil, Shikwasa Ponzu. We selected from famous & favourite Okinawa super seasonings.


Okinawa Island Tofu & Peanut Tofu Set

Island Tofu, Half-curded Tofu, Peanut Tofu. We selected from Okinawa's original tofu to feel the culture to support Longevity of Okinawa people.